Why do I have to book multiple appointments ?

New clients are required to book a minimum of 6 appointments; where possible, these will be booked fortnightly. We do this to ensure continuity of care, avoid long gaps between appointments and to enable clients to develop a good rapport with their psychologist.

Research repeatedly demonstrates that most clients require 10+ sessions to achieve their treatment goals and outcomes. If for some reason a client doesn't require the remaining sessions after their first session or two, these can easily be cancelled, so long as the cancellation policy is adhered to.The specific number and frequency of appointments will be discussed in more detail with you by your practitioner. This will be based on their professional opinion once they have had an opportunity to understand your individual circumstances, your treatment needs and goals. In many circumstances it can be difficult to predict a person's response to treatment and therefor the number of sessions they may require.

What if I face technical issues during the online session?

Our team is always here to assist. If you encounter any technical problems, we'll guide you through troubleshooting or offer alternative solutions to ensure your session continues smoothly.

Is my privacy maintained during online sessions?

Your privacy is paramount. We use secure and encrypted platforms for our Telehealth sessions to ensure your data and conversations remain confidential.

Can I switch between face-to-face and online video sessions?

Absolutely! We aim to offer flexible solutions to meet your needs, whether that's in person, online, or a combination of both.

What do I need to participate in a Telehealth session?

All you require is a device with a camera (like a computer or smartphone) and a stable internet connection. We'll guide you on any software or platform requirements.

Is the quality of a Telehealth session comparable to a face-to-face session?

Yes, many clients find that our online video sessions provide the same level of connection, engagement, and support as our in-person consultations.

What is Telehealth

Telehealth refers to online video sessions where you can access mental health support remotely, using a computer or smartphone, without the need for face-to-face appointments.

Are Telehealth sessions covered by Medicare?

Yes, Medicare rebates are now available for our Telehealth sessions. Please contact our office for more details on coverage and eligibility.

Can I claim the consultation fee on my private health insurance?

Yes, if you have private health insurance, you may be eligible for rebates under your Extras cover. However, every insurance fund is different, and coverage can change over time. We recommend checking with your specific insurance provider to understand your entitlements.

Are there any rebates on psychologist appointments?

Yes, if you obtain a Mental Health Care Plan & referral from your GP or Psychiatrist, you can qualify for Medicare rebates of up to $92.90 for 10 sessions per calendar year. If you reach your Medicare safety net, the rebate amount will increase. For clients eligible under TAC, Work Cover, Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), and certain EAP funding, different rebate structures may apply. Also, if you have private health insurance, you might be eligible for additional rebates. It's best to check with your fund about your specific entitlements.

What are the fees for the consultation?

Our fees vary based on the psychologist's qualification and the timing of the appointment. Please visit our Fees & Rebates page for details.

Do you provide psycho-educational assessments?

Yes, we offer psycho-educational assessments as part of our comprehensive range of services. These assessments can provide insights into learning styles, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for educational accommodations or interventions.

I can’t find a time or day that is suitable for appointment

We apologize for the inconvenience. Our team strives to accommodate all our clients' schedules. If you're having difficulty finding a suitable slot, please contact our clinic directly, and we'll do our best to find an appointment time that fits your needs. Remember, we also offer online consultations, which might offer more flexible timing for those with tight schedules.