Veterinary Chris Hong
Director, Registered Psychologist
Veterinary Chris HongVeterinary Chris Hong
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Whether you've just hit your teenage years or you're in your early 20's wondering what to do with life; being young is an extremely exciting, yet equally challenging, time of your life.
Suicide is still the number one killer of young Aussie men - which highlights just how tough this time of life can be.

Physical & mental changes, dealing with parents, first experiences, finding out who you are and how to deal with life in general, means many young people can develop a range of mental health issues. This can have a huge impact on your social, school and home life.

The new generation of men are caught in-between their fathers era, when men were told to be 'tough' and didn't show emotion, and more recent times, where the male stereotype is slowly changing.

Most young men now know they should speak up when they're struggling and to look out for their mates.

We all know we SHOULD do this but how many of us actually DO IT?
It's a lot easier said than done. We're not taught how to deal with emotions, let alone talk about them and often many of our fathers didn't do a great job of role modelling this.

Maybe you've been feeling down, stressed or you're not sure how to deal with your emotions?
Perhaps you're arguing with your parents more often or you're concerned about your substance use?
Not sure how to deal with relationship issues or who to talk to about it? Or maybe you're concerned about a mate or family member?

If you've tried to manage things on your own and it isn't working - speak to someone.
This can be a mate, an uncle, a teacher, a family member, a coach, a doctor, a psychologist etc. If you're worried about a mate, speak up.

Just start the conversation.

It might seem overwhelming but the conversation can start with a simple:
"I'm struggling a bit and I just wanna have a chat" or "How have things been for you lately? Are you okay?".
Even a brief chat can help you or someone in your life feel supported.   

If you have any further queries or want more information there are plenty of useful resources online (see below links).
You can also contact us or message us on facebook.

Take that first step today.
Start the conversation. 

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