Veterinary Chris Hong
Director, Registered Psychologist
Veterinary Chris HongVeterinary Chris Hong
Josh Quarmby
Director, Blokepedia
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Episode 3 of The Blokes Psychology Podcast features Josh Quarmby, who is the Founder & Managing Director of Blokepedia !

In this episode, Josh shares his own journey of mental health struggles and how he put off seeking support or acknowledging that things weren’t quite right for many years, like numerous men do.
He speaks about the things he did to manage his mental health differently and how this lead to the creation of Blokepedia.

Blokepedia is committed to creating a caring and supportive community that encourages men to connect, openly share their stories and discuss the issues and topics that affect them.
They run an array of programs, events & initiatives and have recently launched a variety of online resources  (and this is just the beginning).

Josh and his team are doing some truly incredible things in the ‘man space’ and through events and story telling, are helping to breakdown the stigma regarding mens health/mental health, speaking up and ultimately seeking support if/when needed.
They really are leading the way at changing the narrative (for the better) of what it means to be a man in Australia today.

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