Veterinary Chris Hong
Director, Registered Psychologist
Veterinary Chris HongVeterinary Chris Hong
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Start improving your relationship today!

There seems to be some truth to old mantra - 'Happy life happy wife'.
So this post is dedicated to improving your relationship with that significant other!

Whether your relationship is going really well or you’re on the brink of separation
(in which case we’d suggest you seek some support!), we can all do some things to improve our relationships.

1. Connect

Life can be extremely hectic and sometimes couple’s feel as though they’ve become mere housemates; simply coming and going, with little time or effort for each other.
Most relationships, especially those with kids, go through these phases. What’s important though, is you find time to connect. We can all find at least 5-10 minutes a day (spend less time watching tv or on your phone). Agree to make some time each day (maybe it’s in the morning before you get up or perhaps just after the kids have gone to bed at night) to simply be with each other, where neither of you are doing anything else.
No devices, no tv’s, no cooking, nothing.
Just sit with each other on the couch perhaps, ask your partner how their day was or just have a casual conversation.
It’s essential that busy couples find this time, even if only 5-10 minutes, to connect and check in with each other.

If your relationship is important to you, think of this as the glue that can hold you together through the tough times; make this a priority.

2. Listen

Don’t roll your eyes, we’ll break this down for you. As much as men like to come home and sit in silence after a long day, women often enjoy discussing their day. The biggest mistake men make when trying to ‘listen’, is whilst their partner is talking, they’re either waiting so they can say something to help their partner ‘solve’ things or to change the topic.

Listen to understand, not to respond

Ask some questions, try to understand what your partner is saying from their point of view. Even a few questions can leave your partner feeling heard, and validated and before you know it - you’ve listened!

Give it a try!

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