Veterinary Chris Hong
Director, Registered Psychologist
Veterinary Chris HongVeterinary Chris Hong
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For a lot of boys and men, whether they be teenagers or older adults, many are unfamiliar with what seeking professional support actually involves.

What happens in a session?
How long will it take? What will I get out of it?
What expectations are there on me?
Will I be laying on a couch just discussing my childhood?
These are all common questions we regularly get asked.

All of this depends on why you’ve sought support and what’s going on for you in your life.
For some, counselling may involve learning strategies and tools you can use to manage your emotions
(stress or anger management, improve mood and motivation or reduce their anxiety) or to reduce/quit one’s substance use or gambling.

For others, counselling can be about developing further insight into who they are, finding more purpose and meaning in their life or perhaps learning how to be a better father, partner or son. Some also use counselling as a place to discuss relationship breakdowns or traumatic things that have occurred to them in the past.

However, most boys and men reach out for a combination of reasons.

Overall though, they’re wanting to change something about their life, in order improve their wellbeing and mental health.

Seeking professional support is nothing to be ashamed about.
It doesn’t mean that  you’re broken or that there’s anything wrong with you. 

We need to start viewing mental health support as no different to seeing a GP or Physio when we’re sick or have tweaked that hamstring.

Many men who seek support are amazed at how even a few sessions can assist them to make significant changes in their lives.
Yet too many blokes wait until they’ve hit rock bottom to reach out, if they reach out at all.

If you’ve ever thought about reaching out or have that niggling feeling that you know you should, why not take that first step today!

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