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Director, Registered Psychologist
Veterinary Chris HongVeterinary Chris Hong
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This one is for the dads, grandads & uncles. 

The role a father or male role model plays in a child's upbringing, cannot be understated. They should be a source of support, encouragement and ideally role model for us how a male should behave and interact with the world - not the easiest thing to do given the ever changing landscape of what it means to 'be a man' in todays society.

The reality however, is that for most of us, the relationships we have with our dads are far from ideal.
You may check in with them, for that brief obligation phone call every few weeks. You may see them for birthdays and Christmas etc. Perhaps you even see them outside of these special occasions if you're lucky. But for most of us, our relationship with our dads lack substance.

This fathers day, take some added interest in your dads life. He might not have been the best father to you but hopefully he did his best at the time. 
Ask him what's been going on for him, what project he's currently working on or what he's looking forward to.
Better yet, instead of visiting him for lunch and giving him the usual card, with some socks and chocolate, go do something with him! 
Go for a hit of golf at the range. Take him to play bowling or lawn bowls. Take him to the footy or a movie or show. Do something different, have fun with him!
Men are do'ers - do something with them and connecting becomes a lot easier.

Sadly this isn't an option for many, as they have no contact with their fathers or they've unfortunately passed on. In this case, take some time out to appreciate and acknowledge a dad in your life.
If you're a dad, focus on bettering that relationship with your family, to avoid the mistakes your father likely made.

Let's support the father figures - as the more supported they are, the better male role models there will be for the younger generation!      

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