Veterinary Chris Hong
Director, Registered Psychologist
Veterinary Chris HongVeterinary Chris Hong
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Why the father / daughter relationship is so crucial in a girls development:

They say that a girls first love is her father - which is often true. Even when a biological dad isn’t in the picture, a girl will often have a father figure in her life whom she looks up to and adores - this could be an uncle, brother, step-dad, grand-dad, coach, teacher etc.

As a dad or father figure in a girls life, you have a huge responsibility. The relationship you have with your daughter, will likely impact every adult relationship she has for the rest of her life!  

You demonstrate for her, how the opposite sex should interact and behave in the world.
The way in which you communicate and engage with your daughter, often shapes her expectations of how boys and men should treat her.  

Dad’s hold the keys to a girls self-esteem.

The more involved you are in your daughters life, the more encouragement you provide, the more time you spend with her; the higher a girls self-esteem and self-confidence is likely to be.

Many girls will grow up and seek out partners, similar to you - their dad. Similar in personality, similar in demeanour and similar in how they treat her.

How do you feel knowing your daughter is likely to end up with a partner like you?
If this concerns you, think about why that is and identify what you need to change.

Above all, regardless of your family dynamic or structure, even if you’re going through a separation; make sure you are treating your daughter, her mother and all members of the family with respect and dignity at all times.
It will stay with your daughter for the rest of her life.

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