Veterinary Chris Hong
Director, Registered Psychologist
Veterinary Chris HongVeterinary Chris Hong
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#1 Maintain Perspective

Yes we all want Christmas to be perfect but this rarely eventuates.
Yes it will be stressful!
Yes it will be hectic!
And yes things won’t go to plan!

Don’t become so stressed about the food, the house, the presents or the kids that the festivities become more of a burden than an enjoyable occasion.
Something will go wrong, that is ok!

The kids will run a muck, the food may not turn out how it should be and that annoying family member will grind your gears!

Remember at the end of the day Christmas is a time to come together with friends & families and enjoy each-others company. It’s a time to watch movies with the kids, live off the left overs and simply be with each other.

In a world where many of us are constantly on the go, Christmas is often the one time of year where we can switch off from work and focus on what truly matters in life for a few days - spending time with those dearest to us;
don’t forget that among the chaos!

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